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Foliar fertilizers

Our foliar fertilizer ( TOROLEAF) has proved to be an efficient way of curing plant nutrient deficiencies and boosting plant development at specific physiological stages. TOROLEAF solution sprayed directly to the plant leaves. Foliar TOROLEAF can provide the nutrients required for normal development of crops in cases where absorption of nutrients by the roots system is disturbed to achieve maximum plant growth.

  • TOROLEAF made from pure technical grade ingredients and fortified by a well balanced chelated micronutrients .
  • TOROLEAF is an excellent way to complement much needed plant nutrients
  • TOROLEAF foliar can be applied in a regular foliar treatment
  • TOROLEAF Safe and compatible with a wide range of pesticides .
  • TOROLEAF is cost effective


  • TOROLEAF 20-20-20+1MgO+T.E
  • TOROLEAF 8-52-17+1MgO+T.E.
  • TOROLEAF 16-8-34+1MgO+T.E


  • 2 & 10 kg